Thursday, 21 March 2019


For Poetry & All The Things It Is To A Poet (World Poetry Day)

Tonight, I recall those nights when poetry sat with me in a dark room and whispered in my ear; "darkness is a song- dawn is its last note."

Tonight, I recall the cold mornings when poetry served me a steaming cup of tea, sweetened with rhythm and imageries.

Tonight, I recall the days when poetry mobilized metaphors to tow my worries away on the wheels of lines and verses.

Tonight, I recall the cavern rooms I found in poetry when termites ate my home and left me to roam homeless.

Tonight, I recall when an allegory ferried me away from the shores of vulnerability and delivered me on the island of imagination.

Tonight, I recall the days when poetry became my lift and took me to the 7th floor of fulfillment.

I recall, tonight, all the things poetry has been to me and I am thankful.

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