Friday, 11 January 2019


How Girls Become Butterflies

In between gloom and bloom


A girl is afraid to keep the flower she picked today,
She thinks it would wither
Like the last one she picked-
She remembers the way its petals
curled inwards and browned into
a dry ugly hate which stunk so badly
that the memory of its fragrance died
almost immediately.

So she enters into herself,
Becomes a larvae of silence.
She doesn't stop there.
Pain pushes her further
And she crawls into a cocoon of solitude,
grows wings, becomes a butterfly.

These days, she is the garden
inhaling fragrances
And getting drunk on nectars-
she'd stagger from one flower
To the other,
But one, two flaps and her wings
Returns her to where she started-
In between gloom and bloom.


  1. Girl, you know what? Keep flapping, keep flying, soon you'll find bliss, gloom will gone,you'll sprout luxuriously into your own flower,the flower you yearn for, the nectar you desire. Well, what can I say? As always,Ehi writes beautifully.