Saturday, 22 April 2017



Justice in black and white
warm reception in black and red

epitome of royalty in black and purple

Never had all three?

then you've not been to Benue State

We are the Food Basket of the Nation

We are away from the usual Northern commotion

We are always green, baskets full to the brim

Never crossed the Benue river?

you are an incomplete Nigerian

The flying aroma of ñùnè and ókpàhe

fully escorted by gbáýè and gbódí

The constant sounds of grumbling mortars

has tamed the haughtiness of our pestle

to serve fòòfóó in its most natural form

a meal that strengthens weak friends

and weakens strong foes

Be courteous when you pass through

the golden soil of Otukpo

lest you slip on the stick-y path of òkòhó

When you search for Genger

you could end in Gboko-West

Or in a pot of soup, made from red flowers

Ùka-ùká; fòòfóó adorned with pieces of fish

has made some consider a change in their state of origin

I duff my hat for cassava; the pride of our farmers

the proud mother of garri and akpú

the foster father of akwasi

How do I forget 
the coolness of our thatch houses

which has won competitions with air cons

Even our etéh has won several contests

with the oyinbo man's cooling box

Kunu too has defeated coca cola in wrestle matches

'Chinese meat' readily available in Nigeria?

Benue, Benue

A home among homes!

ñùnè and ókpàhe - locust beans in Tiv and Idoma languages of Benue State
gbáýè and gbódí - two common soups consumed by the Tivs
fòòfóó- food  made from cassava
Otukpo- a place in Benue State
òkòhó- a soup consumed by the Idomas
Genger- a place in Gboko-west, also the name of a soup
Ùka-ùká- eating fòòfóó without soup, just with meat or fish. A practice among the Tivs
Garri- cassava granules
akpú- food  made from cassava
akwasi- fried cassava balls
 etéh- clay water pot in Idoma language
oyinbo- white man
Kunu- drink made from guinea corn, usually presented to guests visiting an Idoma family
Chinese meat- gotten from frogs

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